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The following are a collection of letters and emails we’ve received from our customers. The questions and answers to some of these may be of interest to you as they provide practical suggestions to real life problems.

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Dear Deodoroc,

Will your Deodoroc eliminate odors of an unknown source in a 4 room apartment and if so will I need to renew the Deodoroc periodically to keep the odor from returning?

Vanceusher via email

Dear V.,

We've yet to find an odor our Deodoroc products can't control, so it's safe to say it will be able to eliminate your unknown odor.

It would be best if you could identify the source or at least localize it so you have some level of confidence that it isn't being reintroduced into your apartment through a ventilation system or even cracks in walls.

And yes, you'll need to renew the Deodoroc product. We recommend three months in use and an equal time to recharge. Different conditions can vary the ideal time periods, where light odor condition can be considerably longer and strong odors in contained areas can be as short as one week.

Dear Deodoroc,





SASHA via email

Hello Sasha,

Having to spend two hours in a car with the left-over odors from detailing would be hard enough for anyone, let alone someone having to cope with MCS conditions. I hope you've recovered from that ordeal.

As you're now aware, there is a tremendous amount of residual odors from the chemicals used to detail a car. While our Deodoroc Perky Pucks are capable of absorbing these types of odors, your situation is much more than two of the small Perky Pucks can handle.

Using more of them throughout the vehicle would be better, and better still would be to use a combination of either several of the Perky Pucks or two or more of our larger, 8 oz. Deodorizer Blocks along with an aggressive pre-treatment with our Carpet Deodorizer granules.

The aggressive treatment consists of sprinkling a liberal amount of the granules in areas of the car that can be easily reached by a vacuum. Leave this in place for several days, then vacuum the granules up and repeat a 2nd time. Even with this approach however, it may take a week or longer to reduce the odors to a point where they won't be a problem, and perhaps several more weeks to remove the odors completely.

These chemical odors are coming from deep within the carpet and upholstery material, which is why the other surface treatments you tried were not successful. Once the odors are gone, I'd suggest you continue using the Pucks or Blocks to keep other odors under control. Anywhere in the car is fine, such as under the front seats.

Try not to place them in any area where they could become a problem if you were to come to sudden stops with your car. Regarding whether you should leave the doors open or closed... The practice we recommend is to thoroughly clean the area as much as is practical.

This includes a step of "airing out" an area. From what you've described, this has already been done - which makes it appropriate to keep the doors and windows closed. This wouldn't be a reasonable thing to do if you need to use the vehicle though - open the windows to get the fresh air in, then roll them up when you're not using it.

Dear Deodoroc,

I have a problem with some cat urine leaving a scent in our house. I have used the Deodoroc carpet granules and the pucks/blocks but I would like to know more about your system for entire buildings. The house is a split-level that is 1800sq.ft.

I read in one of your yellow pamphlets that you have a unit for entire buildings. How does that work? How much does it cost? Is it the same as doing ionization?

Thank you for a wonderful product,
Cinzia via email

P.S. Not too many people/retailers know about the granules for carpeting. So it is difficult to find or explain to others about. Perhaps you can make this information more available to the public and the retailers to increase your sales of this wonderful product. Just a suggestion!!

Hello Cinzia,

nice to hear from you!

First off - yuck! Cat urine! Drives me crazy!!! Glad to hear you've discovered how well our products work for this nasty odor.

About a unit for entire houses - we no longer produce this type of product. We found that the smaller products we now carry were more versatile and could be used in an entire building in a way that had the same effect as a larger unit with slightly different features.

Placing a greater amount of products throughout a building also had an improvement in how well odors were controlled due to them being used in a closer proximity to where odors were originating from.

Thanks for the feedback on how little the public knows about our existence. We're trying to improve on this, but the advertising costs are very high and we're trying to keep a healthy and respectful balance in keeping our costs low for our customers.

Dear Deodoroc,

Subject: Hockey Bag

What product do you recommend for a hockey bag and how effective has it proven to be?

I read the Kamloop Blazer testimonial, but want a little more information from you.

Randy via email

Hi Randy,

Two or three of our 1 oz. Perky Pucks work well for most sports bags, but for hockey bags, we recommend using an 8 oz. Deodorizer Block.

The effectiveness of a Deodorizer Block varies with the conditions. A difficult condition is one where the owner sweats a lot during a game, has a tendency for having B.O. at the best of times, uses their equipment several times a week, and doesn't spend much time cleaning it during a season.

An easy condition is the opposite of this. An average condition is somewhere between these and it may take up two weeks or more for a single Deodorizer Block to remove the odors when you first start using it. It will continue being effective for about three months before it needs to be recharged. It's best to start using at the beginning of a season with freshly cleaned equipment.

The most common feedback we get from hockey player is that they like the fact that the Deodoroizer Blocks don't end up making their bags smell "pretty."

Dear Deodoroc,

Subject: Will it work!!

We have just purchased a home that is 5-years old. We have white cupboards (they are laminates), a few of them smell musty and I am wondering if your product would work.

I do not want an airfreshener in my cupboard with my glasses.

Please let me know what you think.

Thanks! Colleen via email

Hello Colleen.

Yes, Deodoroc products will remove these odors - and it will do it safely.

I agree with you for not wanting an "air freshener" in your cupboard with your glasses.

Myself, I don't like to see air fresheners used anywhere around people or around any type of area or item that people use. These air fresheners may smell pretty or numb your nose so you can't smell anything, but they are basically toxic chemicals and I truly believe we have enough air pollution to cope with these days and really shouldn't be exposing ourselves to more than we need to.

Dear Deodoroc,

Subject: bathroom odors

Hi, I don't know if you can help me. I am really looking for an electric unit which apparently is plugged into the bathroom wall behind your toilet which is connected to the toilet and it immediately removes odors from the bowl.

I came across your site at Shell Buseys' referral network while I was looking for this electric unit which I believe I saw advertised on the Oprah Winfrey show early on this year.

If you know anything about it, I would appreciate your help.

Diane via email

Hello Diane,

The units you're likely referring to are Electric Ozone Generators.

These units neutralize odors by generating negative ions (ozone) through a simple electrical process. These ions neutralize chemical or organic odors that are circulating through the air, attached to a positively charged oxygen molecule.

The negative charge cancels the positive charge, which stabilizes the molecule so it cannot cause the odor sensation in your nose.

Deodoroc products make use of a similar principle, where the mineral reacts with the oxygen in the air to generate a negative charge on the product, which in turn attracts odors to it much like a magnet would attract iron or steel, or another magnet.

The odor causing material is taken out of circulation completely, which is not the case with ozone generators. These Electric Ozone Generators units work well for neutralizing odors and are in common use for many commercial and industrial applications. There are many manufacturers, some of which also produce and market units intended for use in residential environments.

These are sold in various retail outlets, including department stores, specialty shops, TV programs and on the Internet.

Some dealers make claims that go far beyond simply neutralizing odors, some of which are outlandish and illegal.

The point I'd like to bring to your attention is that many organizations believe Electric Ozone Generators units are not safe for use around people, as excessive amounts of ozone is believed to cause major health problems. There are also fire safety concerns with their being electrically powered.

I urge you to look into this before you consider making a purchase and using one in your home.

The Internet has a great deal of information on this subject, both pro and con.

Here are some "con" sites;
For a "pro" view, pretty well every Ozone Generator vendor that has an Internet site presents an argument that they are completely safe.

You can find these easily by using a search engine such as Yahoo, Infoseek or AskJeeves, using the words "ozone generator".

A pitch on our products: Deodoroc products are safe.

They don't use electricity and have been approved by the Canadian federal government (Canadian Food Inspection Agency/Agriculture Canada).

I hope you find this information useful Diane, and it was nice to hear from you.

Dear Deodoroc,

Subject: Will deodoroc work on perfume?

I recently bought a set of used wooden shelves, only to get them home and realize that they smelled INTENSELY of a very sweet perfume.

I'm still not sure what caused the aroma, but washing the shelves in a baking soda/water solution didn't work, nor did using Fabreeze (I know, I know, it's for fabrics--but I was desperate!) Would deodoroc work on these shelves?

Thanks for responding,
Lydia via email

Yes Lydia,

our Deodoroc products will work to get rid of the odors coming from your shelves.

It won't be quick though - it may take a few weeks - because the perfume has obviously saturated fairly deeply into the wood. This is why using baking soda and Febreeze didn't work, they're only capable of treating surface areas.

You have some choices on which of our products to use. An aggressive approach would be to use our Carpet Deodorizer. Just sprinkle a liberal amount of the granules over the shelves and leave in place for a week or so.

You might need to repeat this if the problem is severe. A less aggressive approach would be to use our 1 oz. Perky Pucks or 8 oz. Deodorizer Blocks.

Just placing them on the shelf in an inconspicuous place will control the odors, and eventually remove them completely. They can also be left in place to control any new odors that occur in the room.

Dear Deodoroc,

Subject: Refrigerator Odor

We were gone on vacation for two months. We have an extra refrigerator in our garage, and while we were gone, power was lost to this refrigerator, which had a freezer full of meat.

You can imagine the stench when we got home.

I have cleaned the refrigerator several times, even with bleach, and the smell is still overpowering.

These are my questions:
1. Can your product be used in our refrigerator?

2. Will it eliminate these odors so I can safely store food in this refrigerator once again?

3. Is your product guaranteed?

Leah via email

You have my sympathies Leah, I know the smell is awful!

In response to your questions;

1. Can your product be used in our refrigerator? Yes. Deodoroc products are safe to use in all food handling areas, including refrigerators and freezers.

2. Will it eliminate these odors so I can safely store food in this refrigerator once again? Yes it will, but there are two factors that will impact how well or quickly it will work...

- First is the possibility that you've missed cleaning up some of the muck. If you've done as good a job as is possible but suspect there may be a small amount in some unreachable areas, that's OK, but it will take longer to get the odor under control plus some ongoing work to keep it from returning.

- Second is the probability that the odor has been absorbed by the plastic lining. This situation also takes longer get the odor under control plus some ongoing work to keep it from returning.

The best approach I can suggest for you is to use our Carpet Deodorizer granules as an aggressive treatment sprinkle a liberal amount on the inside of the refrigerator and leave it for at least one week, with the doors closed.

If the odor is still strong after this time, replace the granules and repeat the process. In extreme cases, it may take up to four treatments to get the odor under control.

For keeping any remaining odors from returning, and for normal refrigerator odors, we recommend using the 8 oz. Deodorizer Blocks, rotating them every 3 months.

3. Is your product guaranteed? Yes it is.

One other point you may want to consider Leah, is to check your home owner’s insurance policy. It's common for them to cover the costs associated with the loss of food and cleanup for accidents like yours.

Dear Deodoroc,

Subject: MILDEW

I'd be interested in learning more about your products, especially their ability to work on mildew.

I have a block wall office, between a stairwell & a bathroom. To my understanding our maintenance men sealed a leak w/out drying out the inside walls. I have treated the carpet, aired the room, run a dehumidifier.......only to have the musty, mildew smell return time & time again.

Will your product work on this type of situation? I'm really hesitant to invest any more money as nothing has had a lasting effect as yet.

Thank you for your time.
MK via email

Hi there, nice to hear from you.

First off, the answer to your question is yes.

Deodoroc products will absorb odors that are caused by mildew and will do so in your situation.

That's the good news. The bad news is that although our products will work, they don't offer a quick fix. Let me explain.... The odors generated by the mildew, especially in the situation you've described, have most likely saturated the entire area, penetrating beneath the surface of the walls, the underflooring and into the fibers of the carpet. These odors are escaping into the surrounding area and finding their way to the noses of people in the room. Treating these surface areas with any type of product offers only short term relief, as the odors will continue over time to move to the surface and escape into the room.

Deodoroc products work especially well in these type of situations. While other products rely on the use of toxic chemicals or overpowering scents to "digest" or mask odors, Deodoroc products rely on a different principle.

Let me explain this..... When Deodoroc products are exposed to air, they react with the oxygen, with the result being that the products take on a negative electrical charge. With odors, they are caused by unstable chemical or organic matter (eg. mildew) attaching molecular pieces of themselves to oxygen atoms, with the result being that the oxygen atom takes on a positive electrical charge. Relying on this scientific principle, Deodoroc products attract odors, much like a magnet, not just from the air but actually drawing them from beneath the surface area of any item.

This isn't quick though - it can take several days or in severe cases, several weeks to bring odors under control.

What I suggest for you is the following;

1. Make sure you are satisfied where the odor is coming from

- is it possible that odors are coming from some other source, such as through an air vent or cracks/holes in another wall or area?

2. Using our Deodoroc Carpet Deodorizer as an aggressive treatment, sprinkle a liberal amount on the carpet at the base of the wall where the odor is coming from and a lesser amount throughout the entire room. Leave this in place for at least one week then vacuum it up. Repeat this treatment until the mildew odor begins to get less strong or less obvious - which means its beginning to work. Sometimes this can be after one week or as long as five or six weeks.

3. Once the odors have begun to lessen, continue with the treatment as above, but reduce the amount of granules used.

4. Once the odors can no longer be noticed, don't assume they are gone completely - they aren't, they have just been brought under control.

5. Ongoing treatment using our Deodoroc Deodorizer Blocks, placed in almost any location throughout the room, will keep the odors in check.

If the odors begin to return, which might be after a prolonged period when the room was locked up, or during fluctuations of temperature and/or humidity, you may have to repeat with step #3 above if simple airing out of the room doesn't work.

Over time, the odors will be gone completely, but you may wish to continue using the Blocks to control other types of odors that enter the area.

These are just guideline suggestions for the most economical use of our Deodoroc products - they can be modified at your discretion depending on the uniqueness of your particular odor problem.

Although a more aggressive treatment may be more costly, it may be appropriate in your situation.

I trust this info is helpful in your making a decision to purchase our products.

Dear Deodoroc,

Subject: Moldy Smell

Hello, I have a large Plexiglas carpet protector under my wheeled office chair in my basement office.

When I moved the plastic sheet while doing some computer work, I discovered a moldy smell under it.

The plastic protector hasn't been moved for a few years possibly trapping moisture under it and the mildew seems to have formed under it.

Shell Busey suggests using Deodoroc Carpet Deodorizer Powder to get rid of the smell.

Would I have to cut the carpet (Wall-to-wall Burber) to get the Powder down to the underlay? If so, can the powder stay there or would I have to vacuum it out of the underlay?

I have since drilled small holes in the 6' X 8' Plexiglas sheet to improve the air circulation under it.

Please help.

Regards, Doug via email

You won't have to cut the carpet Doug.

Just sprinkle a liberal amount of the Deodoroc Carpet Deodorizer directly onto the area where you know the moldy odor is coming from, as well as a smaller amount in the adjacent areas.

It would be best if you could leave it undisturbed for a few days or longer before vacuuming it up but it won't hurt to place the Plexiglass over top of it so you can continue using the area.

You may need a 2nd or 3rd treatment to get rid of the odors completely, using a smaller amount each time. You also may want to consider using a Deodoroc Deodorizer Block after you've finished this treatment to keep any other odors from building up to a noticeable level in the room.

I like your idea about drilling holes in the Plexiglass carpet protector. Very ingenious!

Dear Deodoroc,

Subject: Bad cooking odors

We have recently rented our first floor apartment out to tenants who are of a particular ethnic origin, that uses strong spices when cooking.

Subsequently the very strong odor is penetrating thru the entire household.

Please let us know if your product is suitable for our problem or maybe give us a lead.

CJA via email

Hello CJA,

If I understand your situation properly, where your tenants are cooking with the strong spices on a daily basis, I'd have to describe your odor problem as being an extremely difficult one and one that our products would not be particularly well suited for.

There are ways that Deodoroc products could be used to make it effective in controlling the odors, but the effort and cost of setting it up and maintaining would be very high and in my opinion, not a cost effective use of our products.

Other methods should be considered first. I'm not sure what steps you've taken get rid of the smells, but the best approach to controlling odors is based on finding the source of the odor (you've already done that), finding out how it's moving into unwanted areas (ventilation systems, cracks in walls/floors, electrical outlets, etc.), then blocking off the air transfer path or re-directing the odor carrying to an acceptable area using forced air (eg. - a fan).

You can use a variety of products to accomplish this, from latex caulking compounds or aerosol foam for cracks, to special products for electrical outlets, special ducting products or simple table fans.

Your local hardware store could provide you information on what's available.

If you're sharing a heating/cooling air ventilation system with this other living area, a choice you could consider is a HVAC. You can get info on these from the Internet, from hardware stores or heating/air conditioning companies. They're basically a forced air system that exchanges the air in your house with outside air without losing the heat (or coolness if it's summertime).

These can be costly, but they have other benefits in addition to being useful for controlling odors. This could even be a choice if you don't share a ventilation system with them.

I won't suggest you try using products that try to mask or cover up the smell, or enzyme-based chemical products that consume odors. These are not healthy choices for yourself or the environment. In all probability, your senses will eventually get used to the odors, and you won't be able to detect it unless there's a sudden increase in the intensity of the odor or if you haven't been exposed to it for several weeks.

This is normal and not necessarily a bad thing for you healthwise, but it can be a nuisance or even an embarrassment when you have company.

So even though this odor really a perception issue, it's a very real problem for you that needs to be addressed for your own peace of mind.

I hope things work out for you without too much of a cost or time lapse, and I hope the info I've given you has been of some value.

On a final note about our Deodoroc products, it can still be a useful product for you once get the major odor problem out of the way.

Using a few Deodorizer Blocks around your house can keep any residual odors from reaching a noticeable level.

They're nice to use for other odor problem areas too, such as refrigerators, cupboards, shoes, automobiles and so on.

Dear Deodoroc,

Subject: Eliminating odor

I was wondering about whether or not your product will work for my situation.

My situation is this: we just closed on a townhome about a week ago and realized the carpets were completely saturated with dog urine.

We removed all the carpeting & padding only to realize that there are still wet spots on the plywood floorboards.

We've tried to dry out the spots, sand them and even apply a coat of polyurethane to seal them, yet the smell is still lingering.

What would you recommend that we do? Do you think that your product could help?

Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

Adriana via email

Yes Adriana,

Our products will work for your situation.

While you're unfortunate to have this nasty problem, you're fortunate in knowing what the odor is and where it's coming from. This makes a solution much easier.

The approach I suggest you use is an aggressive treatment with our Carpet Deodorizer.

Please read the following information;

Normal Treatment (most economical)

1. Remove as much of the known or suspected odor causing material as possible.

2.Clean the area to be treated using soap/water or liquid cleaner, etc.

3.When dry, sprinkle Deodoroc granules over the general area at a rate of 1/4 pound for a 10' X 10' room.

4. Leave in place overnight (12 - 24 hours) # If odor is gone, granules can be vacuumed up and normal use of the area resumed.

5. If odor is still present, leave the granules in place for another 24 hour period.

6. If odor still remains, this indicates the Deodoroc granules have become saturated with odor.

7. Vacuum up granules, and apply a second treatment. If an odor still persists after this, the suspected source of the offending odors should be confirmed. Check to make sure that;

8. no other odor causing material was overlooked

9. odors are not coming from other areas through vents or cracks

10. "fresh" odors are not being re-introduced (e.g. a pet re-visiting the area)

11. odors are not coming from previously unsuspected articles or material in the room (furniture, etc.)

With these checks done, it is most likely that the odor causing agent has penetrated the material in the room.

An aggressive treatment is required to remove these odors. Aggressive Treatment (for more severe problems)

This aggressive treatment is effective in situations where a strong odor causing agent (e.g. pet urine) has saturated a carpet, the carpet underlay and sub-flooring, and left for prolonged periods.

Deodoroc products will draw odors out from below the surface of any porous material using a scientific principle known as an ion-axion exchange system.

1. Follow the same steps as for Normal Treatment, using twice the amount of Deodoroc granules - 1/2 pound for a 10' X 10' room.

2.If the specific area where an odor is coming from is known, use a greater amount in that area and a lesser amount throughout the rest of the room.

3. When the odor has been reduced to an undetectable level, vacuum up the Deodoroc granules.

4. Even though the odor is not detectable at this point in the treatment, it is still there and will eventually return, so don't skip this next step....

5. Sprinkle a normal amount of Deodoroc granules throughout the room and leave in place for as long a period as possible (a week is good, longer can be better).

6. The room can be used during this time, but if tidiness is an issue, care should be taken to avoid tracking the granules to other areas.

7. After the Deodoroc granules have been vacuumed up, ongoing treatment with the re-useable Deodoroc Perky Pucks or Deodorizer Blocks will keep any residual odors below a detectable level.

These will also help keep the area free of other odors caused from normal, day-to-day household activities.

If you have any other questions Adriana, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We'd love to hear from you.

Dear Deodoroc,

Subject: SMELL in stored car

I have a car that was stored for about a year. The mice got into it and it really smells bad.

What do you recommend I do!

I am ready to try anything!
James M via email

Hello James,

We recommend a two step approach, assuming you've already cleaned up as much of the odor causing mess as you could;

First, an aggressive treatment using our Carpet Deodorizer.

Sprinkle the granules throughout the vehicle, keeping in mind that it will need to be removed (eg. don't pour it down the vents).

Depending on how deeply the rodent odor has saturated into the car's interior, it may take 2 days to a week to bring the odor under control. If the odor is still strong after this time, do a second treatment.

It's very unlikely an odor will remain after this. If there is, I would suspect a large amount of the source of the odor still remains somewhere in the car and you should try to remove it, as much for health reasons as for the odor problem.

Second, there may be some residual odors that become noticeable on a hot and/or damp day. Using our 8 oz. Block will control this. Placing it anywhere inside the vehicle will work - under the seat, on the floor, etc.- as long as it's exposed to the air. It will work best if placed closer to a heating vent so it can take advantage of the increased air circulation.

If you're using the car regularly, the Block will last for along time before it needs to be recharged, possibly indefinitely.

If thec ar is not used regularly, the Block should be removed and recharged every 3 months.

Recharging is simple - just place it in the fresh air, away from a source of odors for the same period of time it was used.

Three months is the maximum time it needs to recharge. You would need 2 Blocks for this rotation to keep the car odor free.

Here's an interesting story you may be able to relate to and a good testimonial of how well our product works....

One summer day after a trip to the supermarket, a package of raw chicken was left on the rear window deck of a car. It remained there for almost a week in the hot summer sun, with all the windows rolled up. The plastic wrapping burst and the rotting meat juices saturated the deck material, the back of the seat and dripped into the trunk.

The smell was so bad they couldn't even use the car. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to clean it up themselves, they had it professionally cleaned. The result was described as being a "dead chicken with cheap perfume".

It took 6 Deodoroc Blocks 2 weeks to clean it up to the point where the odor couldn't be detected.

Because the odor had been so deeply saturated into the car’s interior, the odor would return on warm days - but this problem was corrected by leaving a Deodoroc Block under the front seat.

Hope yours isn't as bad as that James.
Let us know how it goes.

Dear Deodoroc,

Do you have a product to eliminate perfume odors, specifically in cars? If so, what is the product?

Thanx for any help you can give.
J.C.G. via email

Dear Jerry,Yes we do.

We've yet to find an odor we can't eliminate with Deodoroc,including any type of perfume.

For an automobile, we recommend using an 8 oz. Block. Placing it anywhere inside the vehicle will work - under the seat, on the seat, on the floor, etc. - as long as it's exposed to the air. It will work faster if it's placed closer to the source of the odor, or closer to a heating vent so it can take advantage of the increased air circulation.

If the perfume is particularly strong, or has deeply saturated the carpet or upholstery, 2 or more blocks may be required to bring the situation under control. In either case of a light or strong smell, it will take several days to bring it under control. Leaving at least one Block in the vehicle will keep it under control, which may be required if it's being exposed to new or recurring doses of perfume.

A recommended rotation for reusing the blocks is to change them every 2-3 months.

Make sure you place them in the fresh air (away from other odors) to recharge.

Dear Deodoroc,

I have just purchased two of your products, the block and the carpet deodorizer.

I have heard from several people that the carpet deodorizer on the market is the worst thing for vacuums. Is your product safer because the crystals are slightly larger than the other powdery products?

The bottle also says reusable but obviously it is not if you've already vacuumed it up. I'm looking forward to using these products in our motel when guests have smoked in the rooms.

Would you mind letting me know about the safety of the carpet deodorizer?

Thank you
Rae C. via email

Dear Rae,

You’ve heard correctly about powders being the worst thing for vacuums.

The fine powders can end up burning out the motors. Our Deodoroc Carpet Deodorizer was developed with this in mind and the granules are large enough to be captured by a vacuum’s filtering mechanisms, which prevents the motor from being harmed.

Dear Deodoroc,

I am having new carpet installed and always have a problem with the smells of new carpet. Will your carpet deodorizer product help to control the out-gassing smells associated with new carpet?

Rose G., El Paso,
Texas via email

Hello Rose,

Yes, Deodoroc works for this type of odor.

The best approach is to use the Carpet Deodorizer as an aggressive treatment - sprinkle the granules then vacuum them up after several days. This should get rid of the bulk of the odors.

The Deodorizer Blocks can then be used to control the smaller amounts of remaining odor, and continue to be used for any other household odors.

Dear Deodoroc,

I hear that Deodoroc is excellent for eliminating pet odors.

Beverly H., Omaha, Nebraska
via email

Hi Beverly It is excellent for pet odors, and safe too.

Dear Deodoroc,

Subject: How to use.

I just purchased the Deororoc block. Do I take it completely out of the plastic tub or just take the top off?

Thank You,
Dorothy P.

Dear Dorothy, It works best to take it out of the tub completely.

Dear Deodoroc,

I had some fish chowder spill in my car and although I had shampooed the area twice and was using Nilodor, the smell persisted. After placing a Deodoroc block in the car overnight, the odor was gone. Around the same time my propane was getting low at the house. It gives a rotten egg odor when low but Deodoroc fixed that.

I put one under the dog’s blanket to take care of "wet dog" and other odors. I also am a smoker so I use them in each room where smoking is permitted. I put them in the fridge and freezer in my home and at my store. When vegetables arrive on the island, there are not as fresh as on the mainland, but I am finding now my lettuce, in particular, is lasting longer. I often used to have to throw half a head out as it would go brown so quickly. This time of the year I am dealing with crab and scallops but I no longer have to wake up to a "fishy" smell in the morning.

Thank you for this product, it lives up to its promises.
— M.B. of Massett, B.C.

Dear Deodoroc,

I have been suffering with allergies, sneezing, itching and mild asthma. Life was miserable, medication expensive.

My wife brought home some funny rocks called Deodoroc, which she said, would cure these problems. I thought "what nonsense" but Deodoroc by NonScents works for real.

It’s been three months in use now - no medication and no miserable symptoms. I'm Well!

I can't say how glad I am that it was invented, and that my smart wife made me try it. —

Nat P. of Vancouver, B.C