1. What is Deodoroc?
  2. How long does Deodoroc keep working?
  3. When has it become saturated with odors and needs to be recharged?
  4. How do you recharge and reuse it?
  5. Is it safe to use?
  6. How does Deodoroc work?
  7. How is this different from other odor control products?
  8. How fast does it work?
  9. Have animals been subjected to laboratory testing with Deodoroc?

Q. What is Deodoroc?

A. Deodoroc is an unscented, fragrance free and non-toxic family of products that attract and absorb any type of chemical or organic odor from any material or area.

Deodoroc products are safe to use around pets, small children and in food handling areas.

Made from naturally occurring minerals, the products are available in a variety of solid or granular forms and sizes. Each has been designed to be best suited for different applications.

Deodoroc products can be used anywhere odors exist

  1. In your home
    • refrigerators
    • cupboards
    • drawers
    • closets
    • trunks
    • basements
    • air vents
    • vacuums
    • etc.
  2. For your personal effects
    • sports bags
    • hockey bags
    • shoes
    • etc.
  3. For your pets
    • sleeping areas
    • "accident" locations
    • kennels
    • cages
  4. With seasonal equipment
    • camping gear
    • tents
    • clothing
  5. In your vehicles
    • under the seat of your car
    • in the trunk
    • RV's
    • boats
    • trailers
  6. At your office
    • storage closets
    • front offices
    • washrooms

Deodoroc products can also be reused. Simply placing them in fresh air allows them to recharge, which can be done over and over again.

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Q. How long does Deodoroc keep working?

A. The time varies by situation. For very severe situations, granules may become saturated within 24 hours, especially when direct contact with a liquid odor causing agent is involved. In more ideal situations, where odors are light and the area being treated has a moderate degree of ventilation, the time can be several months or longer. Typically, 3 months is a good time limit to follow.

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Q. When has it become saturated with odors and needs to be recharged?

A. If an odor can be detected by sniffing the product, it's time to recharge.

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Q. How do you recharge and reuse it?

A. With the solid versions of Deodoroc, it's as simple as relocating the product to a source of fresh air to allow them to recharge. Outdoors and away from the rain is best.

The length of time it takes to recharge is dependent on the degree of saturation and the strength of the odor, with 3 months being an extreme duration and 2 to 3 weeks being typical.

With the granular versions, it may not always be practical to attempt to reuse if the granules have been sprinkled directly onto a contaminated area. This can be avoided, if practical, by placing the granules in a shallow pan or inside a sock or stocking.

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Q. Is it safe to use?

A. Yes. All Deodoroc products are completely non-toxic and safe to use around small children, pets and in food handling areas.

Deodoroc has been approved for use as a "non-masking deodorizer in food handling areas" by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, which is a section of the Canadian federal government's Agricultural Canada regulatory body.

We encourage you to investigate and compare the risks of using other types of odor control products that contain chemicals or ingredients that are potentially harmful to humans, animals or the environment. An excellent source document for any product is their MSDS sheet (Material Safety Data Sheet). Any reluctance to make a copy available should arouse your concerns. The MSDS for Deodoroc can be viewed on our corporate web site.

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Q. How does Deodoroc work?

A. Deodoroc products work by attacting odors, then absorbing them into the product.

When Deodoroc products are exposed to air, the active ingredients react with the oxygen, setting up an ion-axion exchange system, causing the product to take on a negative charge. This attracts the positively charged odor bearing molecules (that's a natural characteristic of odors) from their source location, which can be airborne or beneath the surface area of an item. Once drawn to the Deodoroc product, these molecules are adsorbed (as opposed to absorbed) into the molecular structure of the product, which allows the odor molecules to be released when exposed to fresh air.

In more simple layman's terms, the product acts like a magnet and a reuseable sponge.

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Q. How is this different from other odor control products?

A. Most other products use a variety of ingredients in different combinations to control odors;

  • Scents - are added to overpower or distract your sense of smell
  • Chemicals - are used to break down the odor source molecules into non-odorous forms
  • Enzymes - are used to speed up the decomposition process

These types of ingredients are typically very toxic in their source forms and have the potential to cause harm to the persons or animals exposed to them as well as to the environment. This applies to their production as well as their use. Also, these products, which can also cause damage to the items being treated, treat the surface areas only. Odors that have saturated below the surface will continue leaching to the surface and become an ongoing nuisance odor problem.

Deodoroc products will remove odors from beneath the surface areas, without harming the item being treated.

Two other common odor control materials deserve special mention

  • Activated charcoal
  • Baking soda

Use of these for controlling odors is an excellent environmental choice and their use is heartily endorsed by NonScents Ltd. For the most typical applications however, Deodoroc products are more effective at absorbing the full spectrum of odors, and not those within only a certain acidity/Ph range. Deodoroc products are also more convenient to use because of their specific design intent and more economical due to their being reuesable.

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Q. How fast does it work?

A. Let's be up front on this - Deodoroc products are typically NOT an instant fix for most odor problems.

  • For items or areas that have recently been exposed to odor causing agents, the odor is most likely contained to the surface area. In this case, the results can be near instantaneous if physical contact is made with the product.

  • For items or areas that have been exposed to odor causing agents for extended periods, the odor will most likely have penetrated the surface area. These saturated items or areas will take longer to remove the odor. In the cases where saturation is severe or physical contact cannot be made with the product, it may take up to several days or weeks with repeated treatments, but it will work...and be permanent.

  • Quite often, Deodoroc products have the extra challenge of being relied on to remove not only the orignal odor, but also the objectionable byproduct odors of the one or more cleaning solutions that were used in an unsuccessful attempt to remove the odors. Deodoroc products can remove these additional odors, but does add a bit more time to the task at hand.

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Q. Have animals been subjected to laboratory testing with Deodoroc?

A. No, absolutely not. We pride ourselves on this. Use of Deodoroc products on and around your pets is completely safe, even with the ingestion of nominal amounts through licking or chewing. Care should be taken to avoid getting the products into their eyes as it will cause physical irritation, the same as any type of fine particles such as sand or dust would cause.

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